Frank Warren: It is not the end of the world for John Murray – Boxing news

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Frank Warren: It is not the end of the world for John Murray – Boxing news
The 26-year-old from Manchester John Murray lost his first professional fight last Saturday on July 16, 2011 as he was stopped in the eighth round by the Dagenham Destroyer Kevin Mitchell in an enthralling all British fight in Liverpool’s Echo Arena.
It was a cutthroat competition between both pugilists who were toe-to-toe from the very start. However in the end it was Mitchell who delivered a dazzling left hook to Murray’s chin forcing him to crash to the canvas.
The 59-year-old promoter Frank Warren however has supported Murray as he said this is not the end of the world for him.
Warren told the media it was a world-class fight and someone had to win it but on the same note he claimed Murray will claw his way back.
“It’s not the end of the world for him,” said Warren. “He was involved in a world class fight and he’s got to take a leaf out of Kevin’s book and bounce back.”
Warren, who is also an English boxing manager, stated he signed Murray for a world title shot and he will still get him to that. He believes his fighter will learn a lot from his first defeat.
While speaking on his inclusion, he said, “I signed him to get him a world title shot and this one would have secured it for him. I think John will learn from this fight. The bottom line is he’s with us and, because he’s with us, we’ll look after him. I’m
behind him and I’ll make sure that he gets the platform to come back.”
In the end, Warren remarked his fighter might even get a rematch with Kevin Mitchell as he will be on a look out for it.
“Hopefully he comes back stronger and he might even get a rematch down the road,” said Warren.
It was surely a very promising and entertaining fight for the audience. However, let’s see whether Murray gets a rematch against Mitchell or not.


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