Shaun Marcum’s pitching helps Milwaukee Brewers defeat Colorado Rockies 4-3 - MLB Update

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Shaun Marcum’s pitching helps Milwaukee Brewers defeat Colorado Rockies 4-3 - MLB Update

Milwaukee Brewers’ starter, Shaun Marcum had a notable day with his pitching as he allowed two just runs on four hits with an ERA of 3.39 and gave the Brewers a 4-3 win against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field, Colorado on July 17.
Corey Hart lined out to third base, Nyjer Morgan got out at second base and Prince Fielder popped out to short-stop position at the top of the first inning. The Rockies’ batters also failed to score runs during the first inning as Carlos Gonzalez lined out
to right-field, Dexter Fowler struck-out swinging and Jason Giambi flied out towards left-field.
In the second inning, the Brewers added their first run to get a 1-0 lead. Casey McGehee hit a sacrifice fly off centre-field and Rickie Weeks posted one run. Third inning was score-less as the pitchers upheld their perfect line.
The Rockies levelled the game 1-1 during the fourth inning. Seth Smith singled to shallow centre-field and Fowler scored one run. But the Brewers went ahead 3-1 by posting two runs in the fifth inning. George Kottaras doubled off deep left-centre, Fielder
scored a single run and Weeks got out at home plate. The second run was taken by Kottaras when McGehee singled towards left-field.
The Brewers’ batters contributed one run at the top of the sixth inning when Mark Kotsay singled to centre-field and Hart scored one run. On the other side, the Rockies’ batters were able to add just one run at the bottom of the sixth inning to reduce their
lead 4-2 when Giambi struck a one-run homer (454 feet) towards right-field.
In the seventh and eighth inning, the pitchers were on top due to their score-less pitches. Marcum pitched just five innings due to strained neck and was replaced by the relievers. Marcum gave up three walks and struck-out four batters on his 82 pitches.
The Rockies’ rallied only for one run to cut their deficit 4-3, at the bottom of the ninth inning.
Marcum said, “Getting the split's huge. Hopefully we can keep it going in Arizona and have a good series out there.”
Ty Wigginton doubled to deep right-field and Jonathan Herrera posted the last run of the game. The Brewers were able to tie the four-game series 2-2 after having an exciting victory.



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