Goose Creek edges Past Little Owl by 11-10 in 2011 Everglades Classic

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Goose Creek edges Past Little Owl by 11-10 in 2011 Everglades Classic
Martin Zegers scored five goals including the game-winner, as Goose Creek rode off the field with a 11-10 triumph over Little Owl in the round match of the 2011 Everglades Classic Cup. The heated game was held at the International Polo Club, Wellington.
The foursome of Little Owl though led the game by two points at the half-time, but could not maintain their momentum in the second and lost the game by a solitary goal.
The game-opening period was very hard-hitting as some five goals were scored from both sides in the first frame. Chris Nevins connected on a penalty-shot for Little Owl, but it was countered by three goals from the opponent side. Jose Donoso scored off a
couple of penalty-shots, while his team-mate, Mason Wroe, accounted for one goal from the field effort. But another Little Owl goal went up on the score-board from Jason Crowder to end the period with Goose Creek holding a single point, 3-2 advantage.
The defensemen of Little Owl tightened the game in the second and minimised the Goose Creek attack only for a single score. Martin Zegers notched the solitary goal for Goose Creek. Crowder and Nevins scored a pair of goals for Little Owl and had it all even
at 4-4 at the end of the second frame.
The strikers of Little Owl cranked up their offence in the third chukka and received three goals, while reducing Goose Creek only for a single point. Nevins and Crowder scored two and one goal respectively and upped their lead. Zegers could only score once
in the period and Goose Creek trailed by two goals, 7-5 at the half-time.
Both teams exchanged two goals in the fourth round and increased the game suspense. J.P. Uihlein and Joe Wayne Barry scored one goal each for Little Owl, while Wroe and Zegers managed it for Goose Creek. The lead remained in the hands of Little Owl, 9-7.
The Goose Creek attack came alive in the second last period which managed three scores, while limited Little Owl goal-less. Donoso marked a couple of goals, while Zegers connected on a spot-shot in the period. The lead changed hands with Goose Creek at the
end of the fifth set of play, 10-9.
The pace of the game accelerated in the final set of play as both teams wanted to take the game under their control. Nevins converted a penalty-shot and tied the knots at ten-all, with minutes left on the clock. Zegers nailed another goal from the field
and sealed the Goose Creek triumph at 11-10.
Zegers lit the lamp five times, while Donoso and Wroe added four and two points respectively, in the victory.
Nevins too marked five goals, while Jason Crowder scored three times in the game. Joe Wayne Barry and J.P. Uihlein accounted for one goal apiece in the loss.



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