FIFA 2010 World Cup: Three Lions silenced into Lambs by Capello’s management, John Terry speaks out

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FIFA 2010 World Cup: Three Lions silenced into Lambs by Capello’s management, John Terry speaks out

Many of the teams in South Africa are facing off the field issues, most famous of them being France. The English team, too, have locker room issues to deal with.  There were reports earlier that England manager Fabio Capello had looked for help from their Physiologist to help players prepare mentally for the upcoming game. But there are some new reports surfacing from the English camp that the Manager has put down the proposal of having open talks with the players, an idea which was proposed by some members of the squad. It has come to be known as clear-the-air-proposal.

Former England captain John Terry told media earlier that few of the senior players in the team felt that, the team was very down after the draw against Algeria. And it was believed that an open session between the players would have been very healthy.

Terry told reporters that, he went to the Assistant Manager Franco Baldini just after the match and said that. The team needs to let their hair down, and have a beer or two. The pressure if taking its toll, and some time-off would be good for the players.

Terry added that, normally after a match the whole team heads straight to their rooms. And stay there till next morning. This was the first time since Capello has been in charge that the manager let the team have some time-off and have some beer.

The Chelsea Centre back said that all of us had one beer at max, and talked for a while about the matches, which was good and healthy. The team felt better after getting things off their chest.

Terry said that the team is in talks with the manager, normally when the team is in a meeting it’s the manager who dominates the proceedings. It is necessary that the players get their point across. In order to have a healthy dressing room it is imperative that the entire team is on the same wavelength.  He said that if the manager ignores these suggestions, I will tell him that we are here to play and win for England, and have every right to have our voices heard.

Understandably upset about the conservative environment in the team, Terry said that if the players are not honest with each other off the field how can they play alongside each other on the pitch.
Talking about his time with Chelsea, Terry said that it has been a fruitful exercise at his club and results are there for everyone to see. It is every player’s responsibility to make sure people around him are comfortable and that is exactly what we are trying to do.

England’s central defender went on to say that another reason for the team feeling down, is the long period of time that they have been away from their families, which does take its toll after some time. Terry said I am not with my kids and that does upset me, but I am not willing to go home just yet. He said we are here for a purpose and the only thing on his mind is to win for England. According to Terry passion was certainly lacking from the team, especially in the game against Algeria. If the team plays up to its potential, there is no reason they cannot go a long way in this world cup. The upcoming game against Slovenia is what everything depends on now, Terry believes if the team can get past the mental issues they can have an emphatic win and build on from there.
Having said all that, Capello still does not believe in open sessions, and later in a team meeting decided to play the DVD of Friday’s game and told the squad no body speak.  Now Terry and the rest of the squad will have to come up with stronger arguments to convince the Italian manager.



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