Yani Tseng finishes tied for 8th at Women's Australian Open

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Yani Tseng finishes tied for 8th at Women's Australian Open
Yani Tseng, who was regarded as the most favourite player at the Women’s Australian Open, could not come up to her fans’ expectations and finished the tournament tied for 8th.
The event at Royal Melbourne was extremely important to Tseng, as she has already racked up the last two titles.
This week, she could have won the event for the third time in a row and made a history on the LPGA.
The Taiwanese star made a good start in the tournament and played sensible strokes. She kicked off the 1st round by parring 7 holes and scored a birdie on the par-5 8th hole.
Although getting off to an impressive start, the first day was not without lapses. She scored two straight bogeys on the par-4 9th and par-4 10th holes.
On the back nine, she birdied the 5th and parred the next hole.
According to Tseng, she remained the best in her 1st round, as she capitalized on her renewed form and made some good putts.
She cheered up the spectators when she birdied the par-5 17th and par-4 18th holes, carding an impressive 3-under 70.
Before setting foot on the course, Tseng had decided to take an early lead, as she knew she had a psychological advantage due to 2 wins.
She faltered a little in the 2nd round and reeled off two straight birdies on the par-5 2nd and the difficult par-3 3rd.
She parred the 4th and lost her control on the 5th and ended up making a bogey. A double bogey on the 7th caused havoc, sending Tseng panicking for a while.
On the back nine, she birdied the par-4 11th and parred 5 holes in a row.
Scoring 3-over 76 put a dent in her score on the leaderboard. However, other players were already in high spirits and surged past the current world number one.
In the fourth round, she made a few lapses, which set her back to a great extent. She scored a double bogey on the 4th and a bogey on the 7th.
On the back nine, she reeled off 3 consecutive birdies on the 12th, 13th and 14th holes, finishing the round 1-over 74.
"I mean [after the 8] I almost cried," Tseng expressed her feelings. "But no I didn't. I hung in there and I did a good job.....I'm glad I was able to fight back on the back nine".



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