French TV footage against Spanish Sports started a new tussle between the two nations

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French TV footage against Spanish Sports started a new tussle between the two nations
Following the ban on the Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador, the French media did not take long to cease upon the opportunity, as it started criticising the Spanish Sport as a whole.
A French TV channel accused the Spanish Tennis sensation, Rafael Nadal of using unfair means to enhance his performance.
The video clip ignited the rows between the two countries to such an extent that the Spanish Cycling and Tennis Federations are now suing the television as reported by AP.
Spanish Sports Minister, Jose Ignacio Wert took the opportunity and discussed the issue on a public forum.
On commenting on Contador’s issue he explained, "We have a problem with doping and that's why we have every intention of making sure Spain's anti-doping law conforms with WADA's anti-doping code".
Nadal also confronted the claims made by the French media and claimed that he had never cheated in any form of sport.
He stated, "Spanish sport is characterized by sacrifice, humility and spirit of overcoming adversity that all athletes have. You can't accuse someone of something you have no proof of, even if it's humorous. France is obsessed with us".
Fingers were raised towards the credibility of the Spanish Cycling Federation after one of its greatest cyclist, Contador, was handed a two-year ban.
He was accused of using a UCI banned substance Clenbuterol during the 2010 edition of the Tour de France to enhance his performance.
The cyclist denied all the allegations and explained that the Clenbuterol entered his system through the steak that he ate during the French Grand Tour.
The Spaniard went on to win the race but his case was forwarded to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
The jury handed him a two-year ban and also disqualified the cyclist from all the victories since the Tour de France 2010.
Alberto is now banned from professional cycling until August 2012 and he will miss most of the races in the current year.
Contador will return to professional cycling at the Vuelta a Espana 2012 and the cyclist is positive to leave everything behind and continue his professional pursuit from the scratch.



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