Yani Tseng falters in last round of US Women's Open 2012

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Yani Tseng falters in last round of US Women's Open 2012
Current world number one Yani Tseng, who was expected to do her best at the US Women’s Open 2012, faltered in the last two rounds and finished tied for the 50th position on the leaderboard.
Tseng kicked off the major tournament at Kohler in a decent style, but could not hold her nerve and made several lapses.
Regarded as the most fearsome contender in the roster of the US Women’s Open 2012, Tseng struggled to keep her momentum, but she messed up her position in the third and fourth round.
Analysts said that the top-ranked prodigy not only has to record more victories in the current season, but she also has to keep a close eye on her rivals who are advancing in the Women’s World Golf Rankings.
South Korean Na Yeon Choi, who posted an overall 281, walked away with the coveted title. Winning her first major tournament has helped the Choi jump to the second position in the Women’s World Golf Rankings.
Analysts added that Tseng has not been able to perform well in the last three matches, which is clouding her hard-earned credibility. They said dramatic shifts in the top 10 rankings in recent weeks should trigger her concern.  
Tseng has stood strong on the top spot for the past several weeks.
Having gained 773.77 points in total, the Taiwanese golfer appears to be more complacent than most of her rivals think.
However, players like Shanshan Feng, Choi and Ai Miyazato of Japan, pose a serious threat to Tseng’s still-strong position in the world rankings.
The LPGA giant kicked off the fourth round with heaps of confidence, as she made an eagle on the second hole. However, on the back nine, she lost her control on the ball as she shot three straight bogeys on the 10th, 11th and 12th hole, and two back-to-back double bogeys on the 13th and 14th.
She let down her fans once again when she recorded another double bogey on the 16th hole.
Speaking to the media about her worse-than-expected performance, Tseng said that messing up her score on the back nine was shocking.
“It was like some amateur was playing on the Back 9. But I mean these four days I played nine holes good, played good nine holes every day. It was like switch on and off,” the number one golfer said.  



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