Chris Algieri hires Trainer Robert Garcia – Boxing news

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Chris Algieri hires Trainer Robert Garcia – Boxing news
Chris Algieri, the undefeated welterweight contender, has recently hired Robert Garcia as his trainer and will start training under him from next week onwards.
Chris Algieri, who has 13 wins, 0 losses and 6 KOs in his portfolio, will be flying to the west coast on Monday to start his training sessions.
According to Algieri, “Robert Garcia is one of the best trainers in boxing and I’m thrilled that we’ll be working together. He’s got a stable of elite fighters and I’m looking to fit in with his program. Keith Trimble and Tim Lane will remain in my corner
and Garcia will be taking over as the lead. I’ll be coming to California with the goal to perfect my craft as a prize fighter, and take my career to the next level.”
On the other hand, the young and highly qualified trainer Robert Garcia is pretty excited to have another superb fighter on his wagon.
On this, he remarked, “I made some phone calls and everyone says Algieri is a good fighter that has a big following, so I’m happy to help him.”
He further said that it is going to be great to work with him and that his training camp has other fighters too so it would be a good opportunity for Algieri to train with him. He further said that he is excited to have Algieri there.
Similarly, Damian Ramirez, Algieri’s co-manager along with Humberto Romero, remarked on this occasion that it is a good decision by Algieri to work with Garcia since he is a promising trainer who knows how to work with individual according to their capacity.
He further said that Chris’ current trainers would be with him as well. He finally said that Chris is a promising fighter but he still needs to learn more, which Robert can make him. He added that he is planning to bring Chris to the ring by April and so
it is important for Chris to take his fighting skills to the next level.
Chris Algieri is a promising fighter who is being considered as the next big thing in the world of boxing, only if he uses his skills and potential in the right direction.



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