I hate going to sleep overs because I have sleep paralysis

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but my friends keep arranging them. I keep making exuses but I'm sure now it looks weird. What should I do?




  1. Firstly, you have to overcome your fear of Sleep Paralysis. Now, I understand more than anyone that this is much easier said, than done. But don't worry, there are resources out there (listed below) dedicated to achieving exactly this.
    Fear is a basic human emotion which is created when we feel threatened. In this case, the 'threat' is Sleep Paralysis, and the terrifying hallucinations that come with it. If we can therefore learn that Sleep Paralysis is not actually as threatening as it might seem, our fear will cease to exist.
    Secondly, you have to learn self control during a Sleep Paralysis episode. Before we can truly harness the power of this condition, we have to remain perfectly relaxed and calm throughout an episode. Again, this can be difficult to achieve overnight, but by already overcoming your fear, you have made an important step in the right direction.
    Thirdly, you have to learn how to unlock your dreams by using Sleep Paralysis. You can begin to enjoy the experience by entering into fascinating lucid dreams, experiencing sexual fantasies, or even travelling to distant worlds using astral projection.
    Below is a link to a resource which is structured around these three steps, giving you as much information and guidance as possible to help you unlock the true potential that Sleep Paralysis holds.

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