Will this long distance relationship last?

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My friend is in a long distance relationship at the mo. Hes been in 3 serious relationships 2 lasting a yr this one going on 3 yrs but most of this one has been long distance which is probs why its lasted so long. He seems bit off lately but dont like to ask as he dont give much away best of times. Before he went on his hols they were having problems and when i asked him how his holiday was oh it was ok. You would think spending time with your gal u dont see much u would be more enthusastic. He sees her twice a week yet at the moment he seems off and not himself ie not very happy. Do u think this will last as when i ask him bout his bday or xmas that he spends with her i just get oh it was ok/boring.




  1. Time alone will tell.

    Mine (500 miles) did.   Married almost 40 years.

  2. no it wont last

  3. In a nut shell no  he's not interested  in her lack of communication. I would say Good bye and move on

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