Borrow money from girlfriend?

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I am finishing up a long divorce/custody battle. I am taking care of 2 kids about 70%+ of the time and have had a lot of unexpected and expenses come up. My Ex has wiped out all savings and completely trashed credit prior to filing for divorce.

I am a proud man and do not like to ask for help. The children's mother doesnt help with the bills or anything and is pretty much a pain in my @$$. The mother makes more than I do and lives with her parents now. She contributes nothing but headaches. Finally I am to the point of borrowing from payday loan shops to pay expenses and cannot get a head. I let my car that I love go back and got a beater to get around in and have cut out any extra expenses in an attempt to save money.

I have a wonderful friend/girlfriend that I have been with for over a year. She has a lot of money and no expenses (Company provides housing and expenses for her). She is always offering to loan or give me money but I am too proud to take financial help from her. She is an immigrant from Russia and has work and sacrificed for what she has.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel in the next 2-3 months (divorce has been going on for over a year and a half) and I will soon be able to breath again. I need about $2000.00 and can afford about $500 per month payments.

so the question is should I borrow the money from her to get away from these loan sharks and back on my feet? why and on what terms?




  1. Make sure that the court gives you support money for the children for the time they are with you . It's a two-way street . Men pay and women pay too .

    To borrow money from someone you care about and who cares about you is very, very risky. If you have high standards and strong convictions about the way you feel about debts, then perhaps you could risk it . Remember it is a  LOAN  and not a GIFT ; Make out a written agreement and sign it . Do not turn into a piece of c**p once you are out of debt and stick her with the bill . Never give her cash money when you pay it back. Always a check . And I mean never .

    Good Luck .

  2. well the thing is boring money can mess up a realtionship it depends on her and your realtionship so therefore if you do intend on asking her make sure that pay her back in a reasonable amount of time and don't consider it a gift

  3. Yes, only if your relationship is strong with this women. What you have described you will not take advantage of this women. As long as you pay every cent back on time and never miss a payment.  You sound very responsible. You will do the right thing. Good luck! :)

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