Cheaters in relationships...?

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how do ppl cheat on their gf/bf and they act like they dont really its do they live with themselves?? how can they know they're hurting someone and act like its no big deal??




  1. they are just using you.not serious about anything, as the saying goes what goes around comes around.

  2. yeah i know baby its sad and shame but you ought to know that some people got no blood under their skin....

  3. Lack of morals or conscience... :(

  4. Well the answer to that question is different for every man.  Personally?  I had severe self-esteem issues as a child and viewed romantic entanglement as the highest success one could obtain. During that developmental stage my parents (with good intentions) spoiled me and created a very modest (yet present) narcissistic personality.  I need affection, crave it, and once it's been obtained I move on. I'm a vampire of sorts. The problem is I don't feel guilty when I cheat and it makes me feel like ****. This "thing" inside me doesn't want it to stop, without it it feels lost and wounded and will continue to consume until it's host (me) is depleted, alone, unable to obtain new ***.  And the worst part is now, after years of cheating on my girlfriends, I've come to equate sexual satisfaction with cheating.  So in other words unless the s*x is "wrong, or naughy" I'm not aroused by it.  It's my curse...and it will be my undoing, but I've accepted my fate...unlike so many others.  

    Keep in my mind, I do love my girlfriends, but once I know I've secured their affection I loose interest....I love them and stay with them, but after the first 3 months with a new girl, it wakes up and wants to be fed.  I know "it" is simply me but I find it better to discuss it when I remove it.  

  5. Since your current boyfriend is wonderful why does it bother you what they feel.

    Some people just don't care about other people. No rhyme or reason behind it.

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