What should i do im going crazy?

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i been with my boy friend for almost 5 years we love each other but we are so jealous we have no more friends we have a son together we just are so jealous both of us




  1. Learn to let him have some guy/girl friends as well as you, same for him to you. Or else you to will just get sick of being with each other. Why don't you have a girls night out or let him have a guys night out to the pub or something.

    Untie the leash a little bit.  

  2. have got to trust each other if there is no trust in a relationship it'll probably just end but....atleast try to get along it may make your son soooo upset if u dont (i know becoz its happened to me....)

  3. it sounds like you both have low self esteem because you think the other person can find someone better and that you have trust issues. you and your boyfriend need friends and some time to yourself otherwise you will get irritated and get sick of eachother. maybe read a self help book and ask yourself why you are so jealous

  4. Sounds like some type of counseling is in order.  

  5. you need to trust each other in everything you do, jealousy can cause lots of arguments , and accusations cause upset, your child will be in the middle of all this try for your son's sake.ask yourself what are you being jealous about, and let it go.

  6. If you both love each other and have a son, what is there to be jealous about? Try talking with each other, rather than always just guessing, it solves way more problems. Talk.

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