Why would more boys like this one girl's appearance over another's

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I can't put their pics up, or their youtube videos, because that would be mean to do. Anyway, I've seen them in person and stuff, but one of them usually gets more male attention than the other. One has more feminine features though, I guess. I was thinking that's why more boys like her, but the other one is like perfect looking.

I'll describe them:

1st girl: small, slightly upturned feminine nose, high eyebrows also very thin..she over plucks them, like a diamond shaped face, sort of small chin, small/thin lips, curly, long hair but she straightens it which looks bad because it looks like it weighing down on her since her forehead is sort of big but not too big that you'd really notice, medium, biggish eyes, she's short..maybe 5'..narrow shoulders, skinny arms and stomach w/ a really big butt..her hips are so looks weird actually..but i think guys like she has freckles..not bad ones though

the other girl:

prominent, high cheekbones. (one of the 1st things you notice), like a square jaw but not too manly, small eyes that fit with her though (reminds me kind of like nick jonas's eyes.), they remind me of 'intense eyes'..her eyebrows go up perfectly too, i think her nose turns up kind of feminine too but it's a different type and it's thin enough to go with her face..her lips are pretty thin but have a pout so they're not ugly..i honestly can't find anything wrong with her, she has a good facial structure, dark hair but light skin..also short but very skinny that she looks tall from far away..if she was taller, she'd be like a first i thought she was weird looking but then i realized that she's really pretty..she's just very petite




  1. yep I agree with the others, think that if a girl is stunning but can't string two words together or forgive for being judgemental, is parsay clueless, it won't last the test of time whereas if you have an average looking girl who is happy content with herself,has a good bublly personality and is able to hold a conversation with men then they won't get bored as quick, as it is what it is you cant make a silk purse from a souws ear!she has more to offer than the catwalk model

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