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ok, so i'm having a hip tattoo done next week. i was wondering how much and how bad the stretching may be if i have kids in the future. It's going to be on my left hip, just inside the pelvic bone, about 4 1/2 - 5 inches lower than my belly button and it'll only be about the size of a silver dollar.

is there a better position on the hip that will cause it to be less likely to stretch and ruin the tattoo?




  1. If you don't get very big during your pregnancy then you might be okay but I don't recommend hip tats that go toward the stomach area or tattoos anywhere on the stomach area unless you aren't worried and plan on just doing a cover tattoo once you are through having kids.

    Tattoos in ANY area will eventually look bad unless you remain about the same size as when you get it, you take care of your skin/tattoo and plan on getting it touched up when it starts to fade out and starts looking like an indistinguishable blob.

    I'm older and had my 1st tat at 50. I know I have areas that I need to stay the heck away from and have stayed with areas like: wrist, ankle, foot, shoulders and upper back, forearms. They have the least chance of changing that much over the years.

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