Is it normal? [lip piercing question]

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Ok so my lip isn't swollen and it doesn't hurt at all BUT I've noticed that puss like stuff comes out after the area gets wet, mostly when I take a shower.

It's not much I just clean it off after wards.

So is this because its healing or because it may be a little infected?

If it helps I've had the piercing for 6 days now




  1. This is normal,the white stuff is dead skin cells extracting out!!I juss got mine done a few days ago and ive done alot of research on the web,I had my snake bite done but one was way off so they took it out and I go back in 4 weeks to get it repierced!!

  2. I just got mine pierced about a week .5 ago! Mine is actually starting to puss and scab up. IT'S FINE!! THE Shop that did it told me that it would happen, and not to worry about it. Just keep it clean, and U should be alright!!

  3. its normal for a white yellowish ooze, its not necisarilly puss, but its like..a wet scab, or food matter, im not an expert but the same thing happined to me and i got worried so i did some research xD

    oh, and if it DOES get infected, do NOT take it out, go to the piercer, if it is infected, do not take the piercing out enless instructed to, that lets it heal over and then the infection is alot harder to get rid of, might even have to get it cut off :(

  4. that happened to my piercings. its normal.

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