I Total Card a Scam?

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I am seeing a charge on my credit record from Total card. As I recall they are a debit card and it is impossible to be overdrafted (by $500) on a debit card. Ever hear of total card? Info on them?




  1. you have to be, very stupid-
    to fall for such scams.

  2. Yes, it is a scam. They make random calls asking for payments that are totally fraudulent. BE CAREFUL

  3. I have a total card credit account and it is a "TOTAL SCAM" they are not willing to work with you this company is supposed to help you rebuild your credit they say they understand things happen but when they do they are rigid and inflexible.  My car was stolen and totaled and that caused a domino effect my check was returned one time the very next payday I paid all fees and extra for an emergency when I needed to use my card they said my card was on hold for 14 days when I teied to speak with a manager they did not care they said it was company policy and they could not do anything about it.  So as long as you don't have problems they are fine but if life happens to you you're SOL with this company they are not willing to work with you.
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