Who will win in a fight African lion vs grizzly bear

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Who will win in a fight African lion vs grizzly bear?  We have a big debate going on at the sleepover at my friends house. Some of us think African lion will distroy grizzly bear due to the tag of king of jungle, flip side, there are others who think grizzly bear is just too large of an anmial for the lion to win over or even to take on.
This match sounds good and exciting although we know the largest male lion is about 10ft, so is the grizzly bear.  so they are equal for the hight.
The main difference is the weigh, lion would be around 600 pounds while the bear would be around 1000 pounds. so the bear has about 400 pound advantage.
Next comes the speed:
May be hard to believe but grizzly bear are actually fast and can run up to 40mph
Male lions actually run slower than 40 mph.
What about the Claws and the Jaws
The lion's main weapons we all know this, are the claws and jaws
The grizzly bear has the paws
As you can see, we have listed number of things both animals have but we are still divided on who will win. 
Can someone please help.

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