Want your children to do better in school, adjust Parental Aspiration and Academic Achievement

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Want your children to do better in school, adjust Parental Aspiration and Academic Achievement.
The existing research to date provides strong evidence for a positive association between parental aspiration
(what parents want their children to do) and academic achievement (the grades kids get in school).
These previous studies may lead people to think that there is nothing to question about the beneficial effects of holding high aspirations for their children.
(meaning wanting your kids to get all A+).
However, there are two critical issues that have not been sufficiently considered in the existing literature.
(meaning the new research is here).
First, many of the previous studies tested the relation between parental aspiration and student’s academic achievement using cross-sectional or prospective designs
(in other words, they were not done right). Such designs leave the temporal order of aspiration and achievement unclear (tells you how they were wrong).
The positive relation between parental aspiration and children’s academic performance may well be because of reverseorder effects—children’s high academic achievement may lead parents to adopt high aspirations
(so if your kid gets good grades and brings them home, you automatically now expect all the grades to be same or better).
Only a limited number of longitudinal studies have strictly controlled students’ past academic achievement to examine the temporal ordering of aspirations and academic achievement
(some people have done it right in the past). 
Moreover, these longitudinal studies have several methodological limitations, such as a small sample size
(there is always something wrong with how others have conducted research, which is the reason the next batch of expers get funded to look at it from a different perspective).
In addition, some studies used school grades as a proxy for academic achievement  although grades have been argued to not be an adequate or valid measure of academic achievement
( i don't care about what my son gets as long as he understands the concept and knows how to apply it).
Likely because of these methodological problems, the results of these longitudinal studies have been inconsistent
(the results will be inconsistent if gardes are the basis, to learn one must understand what it is about and what is the aim of learning to begin with?).
Here is the summry of what parents think? How to get your 7 year old to pay more attention to math and english? For the parents who really want their kids to do well in school, aim Too High for Your Kids and they will get lower grades in school.  So in other words, find out what is the level of your kid and than work with him or her at that level. Forget about what the results say, focus on showing them how to learn and how to understand.
But do you agree with this?

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