How to get your 7 year old to pay more attention to math and english

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How to get your 7 year old to pay more attention to math and english? For the parents who really want their kids to do well in school, aim Too High for Your Kids and they will get lower grades in school.  So in other words, find out what is the level of your kid and than work with him or her at that level. Forget about what the results say, focus on showing them how to learn and how to understand. This is what I as a mother says but This is what the experts say:
It has been commonly recognized that parental beliefs and attitudes have substantive effects on their children’s academic outcomes (Eccles, Wigfield, & Schiefele, 1998). Among many parental beliefs, parental aspiration for their children’s academic achievements has received considerable attention over the past half century in the literature of both psychology and sociology (for a review, see Yamamoto & Holloway, 2010).
In psychology, for example, several social–cognitive models like the expectancy- value theory (Parsons, Adler, & Kaczala, 1982; see also Bronfen- brenner & Morris, 1998; Grolnick & Slowiaczek, 1994; Oyserman, 2013) have suggested that parental aspiration can influence chil- dren’s academic achievement through a socialization processes. In the Wisconsin model of status attainment proposed by sociologists (Sewell, Haller, & Ohlendorf, 1970; Sewell, Haller, & Portes, 1969; see also Kerckhoff, 1976), parental aspiration has been posited to be one of the critical mediators that link family social background to children’s educational and occupational attainment.
But do you agree with this?

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