What are the top 5 computer viruses of all time

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     Computer viruses are on the increase and have become more damaging and intrusive in the last ten years and spammers use it to steal bank accounts or spread electronic mayhem, below are five worst computer viruses ever made:

    * The Blaster Worm- attacked Microsoft's website in 2003 and affected millions of computer

    * Storm Worm- infected millions of computers around the world in 2007 and hackers used it to spread spam and steal identities

    * The Melissa Virus- written by David L Smith and was later sentenced to jail for causing over $80 million worth of damage

    * The Morris Worm- unleashed in the year 1998 by Robert Morris which affected 10 per cent of all the computers connected to the internet

    * The Concept Virus- accidentally shipped on a CD-ROM supplied by Microsoft in 1995 and was the first virus to infect Microsoft Word documents








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