Who deserves the BCS Title game

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Who deserves the BCS title game

For every college football team on opening day, the main goal by the time January rolls around is to be playing in a highly sought after bowl game.  As the 2010 season winds down, there is lots of debate as to who deserves to be invited to the Bowl
Championship Series (BCS) Title game.  Currently, there are four teams that still have not lost a game this season, so it will come down to the variables to determine which teams deserve a spot in the dance.

Oregon Ducks

The Ducks are currently sitting atop the Pac-10 standings with a 9-0 overall record (6-0 conference).  They have not failed to impress in any of their victories this season, winning fairly easily over most opponents.  The closest game the Ducks have
had this season came against conference foe Arizona State in which they won, but by the smallest margin of 11 points. 

The offence ranks 29th in the passing game, fifth in the rushing game, and leads the country in average points scored per game with 54.7.

Defensively, the Ducks rank down at 29th in the country for total defence, which includes yards allowed, touchdowns allowed, and plays allowed. 

They still have not received a legitimate test this season, as only three of their games have or will come against unranked opponents.  To finish out the season, they play unranked California, no. 18 Arizona and finish against Oregon State. 
Their strength of schedule should be considered when determining whether or not the Ducks should make it to the BCS Title game.

Texas Christian University Horned Frogs (TCU)

The Horned Frogs have the top ranked defence in the NCAA, allowing only 215 yards per game.  They have only allowed 85 points against thus far, and have countered that stat by scoring 412 points on offence.  Just like the Ducks, TCU has yet to have a team
push them to their limits, as their smallest margin of victory was nine points over Oregon State in week one.

TCU’s offence is 55th in the passing game, but tenth in the ground game.  They score a lot of points and have the defence to back them up, but their schedule is just as weak as Oregon’s.

By season’s end, TCU would have played two ranked teams in Utah and Oregon State.  The schedule should most certainly be looked at before inviting the Horned Frogs to the biggest game of the year, despite their impressive stats.

Boise State Broncos

Once again we see another easy schedule coming out of the northwest.  Boise State has only and will only play three ranked squads in the 2010 season, Virginia State, Oregon State and Nevada.  The schedule is considerably harder than those of Oregon and TCU,
and they should earn more points, and perhaps more votes, than either of those teams.

The Broncos' offence ranks up near the top of each category, most notably the passing game, which comes in at the fifth spot with 327.3 yards per game.  Their rushing game, not to be outdone, comes in at a very respectable 15th with an average of

The Boise State defence ranks second in points allowed and second in total defence.  This could and should garner more respect because of the level of competition they are playing, and they still produce excellent numbers.

Auburn Tigers

The leaders of the South Eastern Conference (SEC) have the toughest schedule and the best statistics comparable to the rest of their undefeated competition. 
They have accumulated victories over Arkansas State, current no. 19 Mississippi State, Clemson, current no. 23 South Carolina, Louisiana-Monroe, Kentucky, current no. 15 Arkansas, current no. 5 Louisiana State, Ole Miss and Chattanooga.  They finish their
season against Georgia and the current no. 12 Alabama.

The one downfall of this team would be their passing offence which ranks at 73rd in the nation, but their rushing game ranks fourth.  Imagine for a moment that Auburn had a schedule comparable to that of Oregon or TCU... how inflated those stats
would become.  Despite the possibility of Auburn losing to Alabama in their final game, more credit should be given to the Tigers for the tough road they had to endure.


Oregon Ducks (despite their easy schedule) vs. Auburn Tigers.



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