Oregon rises to No.3 in coaches’ poll, keeps potential BCS title dream alive

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Oregon rises to No.3 in coaches’ poll, keeps potential BCS title dream alive
The Oregon Ducks are looking pretty good going into the sixth week of the season, as they jumped to No.3 in both AP and USA Today poll.     
With an impressive come-from-behind win over Stanford Saturday, Oregon made a significant climb in the poll, and more importantly, kept their BCS title dream alive.
Oregon, which went close from playing a BCS title match in 2001, is now one slot short from grabbing the No.2 spot.
With their sudden rise, the Ducks are confident they can take over the No.2 slot from Ohio State just as they switched places with Boise State, who slides to No.4 despite an overwhelming New Mexico, 52-31,
Although AP and coaches’ poll rankings are sometimes questionable, Broncos coach Chris Petersen remains happy with his team’s current status, insisting the season is too early for them to panic.
For the Oregon football fans, the jump to No.3 is a clear sign that the Ducks have a great chance of playing in the season-ending BCS National title game next year at the Cowboys Stadium.
Ducks coach Chip Kelly lauded his players, especially quarterback Darron Thomas and running back LaMichael James, for their impressive performances after five games into the season.
Last Saturday, Thomas and James once again teamed up to overcome an 18-point deficit in the first quarter and then powered a big second-half rally to defeat No.18 Stanford.  
Thomas completed 20 of 29 throws for 238 yards and 3 TD passes, while also rushing 117 yards on 15 carries and one rushing TD in the game.
James, on the other hand, rushed 257 yards on 31 carries and scored 3 TDs.
Oregon will next play Washington State (9 October) and UCLA (21 October) before engaging in a tough battle with No.20 USC in 30 October at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.  



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