What is your prediction for the BCS championship game

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I say UCLA 73 - Oklahoma 10

My hats off to Oklahoma for scoring that much against the UCLA defense.

What is your prediction?




  1. Please... Big 12 and Pac 10 dont compare to the sorriest team in the SEC. Gators and whoever else can manage to finish up in second. And for all ya'll thats on the Georgia bandwagon Florida will beat them by two or three touchdowns in October. And I dont even want to hear about USC or Ohio State. Who do they play all year? Notre Dame, a team that might win 4 games. Michigan? Can you say Appalachian State??? Come on root for a winning team. GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's kind of a long ways away, isn't it?  Let's see... August to January... that's 5 months away.  What if UCLA doesn't even make it to a BCS bowl game... what then?

  3. The Big 12 is just as strong as the SEC so forget the Gators and forget the Dawgs. We are talking about two teams that managed to lose 6 games combined last year. And oh yeah- UF lost to UM who lose to Appy State.

    OSU is the best team on paper this year. It is too early to tell who is going to go all the way but if I had to pick it'd be

    OSU v OU/ VT.

  4. Georgia-24


  5. I cant make a prediction this early in the year. Season hasn't started yet. There is no way to tell how well these teams will play together with new starters and everything. I think the winner of the OSU vs USC game could very well got to the National Championship provided they don't mess up later on. Apart from them Georgia and Florida have a good chance. Pepper in Oklahoma and possibly Missouri and things could get as hairy as they were toward the end of last season.

  6. U are way off!  UCLA 105  - Georgia 3

  7. Florida St. 62 - USC 6

  8. Who wouldn't love to see LSU and usc finally go at it?

  9. How many times does USC have to kick the c**p out of an SEC team (Auburn, Arkansas, Arkansas by a combined score of 146-31) before they're awarded respect by myopic SEC honks like ccrews. This year the Trojans won't get to face an SECer until the BCS title game where they will run past Georgia (or maybe Florida), and if they win by 5 td's like they did against Oklahoma in '04 guys like ccrews will continue to slag them. Oh well...

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