BCS Bowl Games, predictions??????

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Who do you think will be in the BCS bowl games and who wins?

Orange(Va. Yech vs. BYU) BYU win

Fiesta (Oklahoma vs. South Florida) USF win

Sugar(Auburn vs. Texas) Auburn win

Rose(Wisconsin vs. Illinois) Ill. win

National Championship (USC vs. Florida)Florida win

What do you think??




  1. Rose Bowl: Arizona State (Pac 10 at large) over Michigan (Big Ten champs)

    Orange Bowl NO.1: Virginia Tech (ACC champs) over West Virginia (Big East champs)

    Sugar Bowl: Georgia (SEC champs) over Clemson (ACC at large)

    Fiesta Bowl: Florida (SEC at large) over Texas (Big 12 at large)

    Orange Bowl NO.2 (BCS title game): USC (pac 10 champs) over Oklahoma (Big 12 champs)

  2. BCS National Championship: Oklahoma vs. UGA (UGA wins)

    Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Ohio State (Auburn wins)

    Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs. BYU (Mizzou wins)

    Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. West Virginia (Clemson wins)

    Rose Bowl: USC vs. Wisconsin (USC wins)

    That's just me.


  3. they would NEVER put 2 Big 10 teams at the Rose Bowl

    but my guess is you are an SEC fan, and maybe just maybe a Florida fan 2nd

  4. National Championship:  West Virginia over Ohio State*

    Fiesta:  Auburn over Oklahoma

    Sugar:  Florida over

    Rose:  USC over Wisconsin

    Orange:  Miami over BYU

  5. Little early don't you think the first ball hasn't even been kicked off yet.

    Wait 2 weeks and then you can start having an idea of who will be good at the end.  Right now Penn St vs ASU could be the title game just as much as USC vs Georgia, etc.  

  6. fiesta- LSU over Mich

    rose -Ohio state over USC

    orange -florida over clemson

    sugar- Mizzouri over auburn

    bcs -Georgia over Oklahoma

  7. Orange Bowl :Clemson (ACC champ) vs. Utah (at large)  

    Clemson wins

    Sugar Bowl: Alabama (SEC at large) vs. USC (PAC-10 at large)     USC wins

    Fiesta Bowl: Texas (at large) vs. Rutgers (Big East champ)

    Rutgers wins

    Rose Bowl: Cal (PAC-10 champ) vs. Ohio State (Big Ten champ)

    Ohio State wins

    Orange Bowl (BCS title game):  Oklahoma (Big 12 champ) vs. Florida (SEC champ)

    Florida wins BCS championship

  8. orange: Clemson over oklahoma

    fiesta:  florida over byu

    sugar:  oklahoma over west virginia

    rose:  missouri over ohio state

    National championship: georgia over usc

  9. I love how people are now just not even including Ohio State , well guess what newsflash , whether you like it or not they are going to be back in The National Championship Game , and you know it they have almost all their starters back and they will probably be playing Georgia , and third time is a charm Baby !!!!!!

    Go Buckeyes.

  10. BCS NCG --- OKLAHOMA 38 -- GEORGIA 35

  11. Orange: Clemson over BYU

    Feista: Texas over WVU

    Sugar: Florida over Oregon

    Rose: USC over Illinois

    All the marbles: OSU over Georgia.

  12. tim tebow is a f*g

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