Whats the worst film you've ever seen??

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mine is open water. it was awful and badly shot.




  1. The Omen.  I wanted to watch the whole series, because the guy at the video store said it was really scary. It was more of a comedy that a horror movie and halfway through the first one I realised what a load of c**p it is.

  2. any madonna movie!!!!!!!

  3. Buffalo 66. Really didnt see any sense in it at all.  

  4. Good question. There are many.

  5. The Ruins- Terrible movie  

  6. Funny Games, I had to look away from the screen the last half of the movie. Not because it was anything gross, just so aggravating. Slow, prodding artsy movie with a 10 min scene of 2 people getting up off of the couch. Then there was the cell phone scene. Wow I'm getting mad again just writing about it.

  7. Wow I dont agree with the people who said Run Fat Boy Run and Big Fish I loved those films..

    hmmm..the scary movies sucked what a sad attempt at trying to be funny..oh and date movie.

  8. Blair Witch Project


    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Watched them both twice, but just could not get to enjoy them

  9. Tetsuo: Iron Man

    I managed to force myself to the 30 minute mark then had to switch it off.  

  10. Toss-up between "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and "Cloverfield". At least "Plan 9" was campy enough to be bad..."Cloverfield" just flat sucked. No imagination there.

  11. stephen kings "it"

    over 2 hours and the end is just rubbish

  12. Shrek 3 and Open Water are the two worst movies I've seen.

  13. think it was called the royal tennenbaums!!

  14. Who's that girl "starring" Madonna. Woeful.

  15. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. This is because I'm a disciple of the Original TV series and the books.

    The Worst film ever has got to be Stallone in Get Carter. I haven't watched it and  I don't need to. I already know just how bad it's bound to be.

  16. AI

    The single worst movie ever made!

  17. Big Fish. What the h**l was that about? I didn´t even bother to see the end.

  18. i also hated 'open water' think the other bad film i saw was 'blood monkey'

  19. the carpet killers about 30 years ago ive never laughed as much

  20. Devils rejects,i really hated that movie.

  21. Dragon Wars. Dumbest movie ever!

  22. High School Musical.

  23. run fatboy run. soooooo boring.

  24. Vanilla Ice's movie!!

  25. The mummy 3, Spirit (the horse) both wastes of time. Spirit was a children's movie.

  26. Chaos (2005)  now the dvd cover has Jason Stratham on it but the actual stars of the movie is Ryan Phillippe!  I was expecting it to be another one of those British con movies or at least a good action movie but no its actually a Canadian/UK cop movie with Wesley Snipes as the criminal who wants revenge on the cop who killed his brother.  It tries to be one of those smart mystery movies where the crime is a cover up for something else but with Ryan Phillippe as the lead it fails.

    I want my $2 back!

  27. 2001: A Space Odysessy. I had to watch it for a class. It was torture.

  28. Anybody see that movie The Fountain with Hugh Jackman? Well....if you haven't .....DON'T!   Me and the two people I was with were sooo confused during the whole movie and the ending was just ridiculous.

    You know somethings wrong when the credits roll and three people say "What just happened" in unison.

  29. Rushmore and The Pest.  Utterly horrible.

  30. Cloverfield. Bad use of hand held camera, the 'mystery' monster appeared slightly when it turned up, rubbish storyline and not even 'scary' like it had been advertised

  31. I haven't seen many movies that I dislike, but Borat was the worst thing I've ever seen.  My boyfriend (ex now) made me watch it, and it was so weird and parts of it were disgusting!

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