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when i was little i use to watch that movie christine all the time, love the car, but never read the book, my boss and i were just discussing it, but why was the car possessed???? what was the story on it, i dont think they mentioned it in the movie, but did they mention it in the book??? thanks for your answers guys =)




  1. In the movie the car just came off the assembly line evil.  In the book, it was the first owner that turned the car evil.  It never directly tells you exactly how it happened though.  In the book every time Christine killed somebody the kid that owned her was out of town.  At one point Christine is chasing down some guys and they get in a car crash.  One of the guys survives and gets out of the car, but then the rotting ghost of the original owner gets out of Christine and kills him.

  2. Not really, sorry.

  3. Oh yeah. Actually, I don't remember thouhg. Good moive. I remember at the end the car scared the heebie jeebies out of me. It freaked me out.  

  4. i dont remember anything about the bakstory of the car in the book but i could be wrong.. its been a long time since ive read any SK.

  5. I guess the movie never really tells you. I do remember a character saying somebody's daughter died in the car though I always thought that's why it was haunted and evil.

    It's funny how you can watch something over and over then years later say "Ohhhh that's why..... or IS that why?" lol

    I just posted a question like that about Life is Beautiful.;...

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