Does anyone have any info on "The Stick", an actor from the film "Student Bodies"?

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His only other credit is an apperance on the Dave Coulier kids show "Out Of Control." He has no given name other than "The Stick" and no birth/death dates are offered anywhere. Does anyone have info on the actor/comedian called "The Stick" ???




  1. The man the Mystery...The stick,Here is what is known about him

    he also sang "Drinkin and Driving " in P.C.U. 1994

    More...Malvert was played by a man called The Stick, a comedian who much like Prince was named with one word that aptly described his appearance. Unfortunately his film career was short, and he long ago disappeared back into civilian life. After I researched this film, it became apparent the fact that his email address and phone number are not somehow accessible to the public seems to cause great dismay among some disturbed superfans/stalkers who frequent the oft-horrible IMDb message boards. The Stick, I would stay in seclusion if I were you.

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