Can we Offically Call Heath Ledger the Best Joker Ever. Like give him the Nickname "The Joker". but , The is ?

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he the best joker to ever live.?




  1. I think that he was utterly amazing in Dark Knight, but I still think of Jack Nicholson when I think of 'The Joker". Most likely for the sole purpose that he was the original, and that was the first batman movie I saw. But Heath Ledger will definitely be remembered for his outstanding performance.

  2. Yes....The Oscar goes to  Mr.Heath Ledger aka "The Joker"  

  3. Well, considering that the Joker was played by actors in only four (please correct me if I'm wrong) movies/TV shows, I'd say we don't have much to choose from. Heath definitely was a great Joker, though; he was my favorite Joker so far.  

  4. Almost.

    I have to admit, Ledger did a good job.

  5. Yes. Heath Ledger is the best joker ever, and will never be beaten. He did the perfect voice and laugh. He is the best and will always be.

  6. I think he portrayed the joker very well, for this day and age. I'm sure if he played this joker the way he did today when the Jack Nicholson came out, that it would be really weird for everyone back then.

    You know?

    So, for now, I think he did a wonderful job. He was fantastic in it, and the movie was phenomenal.

  7. h**l yeah!  He made the Joker everything he should be!!!  He had the perfect voice and laugh and attitude and... everything!  His acting just fit with the movie so well, his performance made TDK phenomenal.  Any time I think of movie villains now, I'm gonna think of Ledger.

  8. I honestly couldn't tell you because I haven't seen any other Jokers but him, but it would be hard to top a performance that incredible. He captured everything, the twisted, maniacal, insane, yet incredibly capable of clever, resourcful actions and almost logical reasoning for the things he does. Ledger captured all of this, and made it all apparent subtly, not overtly at all, an awesome feat, considering the movie was shot out of order. He slowly peeled back the layers of the scarred character untill you had a peice of work almost a movie in itself.    

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