I want to get married .. guide me the way please?

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I have been dating my boyfriend for six yrs now and we want to simply tie the knot like at a court house for the time being then have the wedding later on. His dad is a US citizen and his mom is a US resident, but his papers however have not been completed and filed. He's lived her practically his whole life, graduated H.S, going to college and working. What do we do? Please help thanks.




  1. You can still get married. The papers can be filed later.

    If he was born here with a citizen as a father he is already one. At least that is what I thought.

    Worse case scenario, you have to be married for six years for him to be a citizen

    I know it will be hard. Just kidding. Have a great life together!

  2. Dating for six years?  It doesn't sound like he's ready for any kind of commitment to you.  You don't even say you're engaged.  Just a quickie city hall wedding?  Are you sure this is what you want?  I think you deserve better, someone who truly loves you, respects you and is devoted to you.  He's in college, so he's not even quite settled into a good job.  

    If his father was a US citizen when he was born, then he is also one automatically, no matter where he was born.  

    I say wait until he's completed college, then go for the wedding.  It's your once in a lifetime special day.  Don't just settle... for him or for just wanting to get married just to be married.  Think long and hard about this.  You're still very young.  

  3. He'll need to complete all of his paperwork, residency, citizenship, etc and have proper documentation before you go to the court house and try to get married. I would recommend taking care of this now, so it doesn't cause problems later.

  4. Weird, i'm almost positive that he's officially a US citizen too.

    You say he's your boyfriend, rather than saying he's your fiance, isn't the first step to getting married an engagement?

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