What Charlie Sheen will do this Christmas

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What Charlie Sheen will do this Christmas
This coming Christmas is going to be different for Charlie Sheen. For the first time in 4 years, the world knows the personal ordeal he has been living with. He announced, he has been living with HIV for the last few years and has been paying people off to keep it a secret. Now that everyone knows, will they change, will he change, will his ex-wives let him see his children? Time will tell but whatever happens, i bet it will be public drama.
Here is an update on what he did on his previous christmas
The actor on Twitter insults his ex-wives for not letting him see his children at this time of the year.

The past Christmas of Charlie Sheen
Neither Christmas are sacred to Charlie Sheen. Conversely, the holidays have been the cause of the actor's latest verbal outburst on Twitter where the star of the television series called Anger Management insults his ex-wives for not letting him see his children. Next to a photograph of your dresser filled with photos of their children, the interpreter insulted his ex Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, in addition to the Department of Social Affairs in charge of regulating child welfare custody issues, ensuring that the picture was " closest " to be their children these days.
A comment in which between abbreviations of the aforementioned no shortage of expletives and insults as well as a detail in the bottom of the image where you can read it in " sleep with dogs."
The one who is saved from this fray is Paula Profit, the mother of Sheen's eldest daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez, who not only excluded from his insults but points out that she is " an angel."

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