Google can now search photos and links within Facebook

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Google can now search within Facebook

The search engine provides results of events, photos and links within the network.  If you were happy or not happy that Google can't index your content from Facebook pages, your wait is over.
Google's founding mission was to sort the Internet information and make it easy to be found.  Facebook's mission is  "connecting people". Until now Google could not index the information in the Facebook network.  Call it Google's fight to get the information or Facebook decided to get even more traffic from search engines, Facebook has changed the structure of your page. Now it allows what is called "deeplinks" deep links.
The implications of this shift are profound. Facebook makes rooms to give access to the main search leader. This is also very interesting, since Microsoft, which owns bings was one of the early shareholders of Facebook. Although Bing search engine was used for a long while as a default search engine on Facebook, it never actually provided content within the network to Bing.
Until now, Google had partial access, it could only show a link in the search results, but clicking on it was necessary to see what the infromation was about, in most cases Facebook would then force you to log in. Now although Google will not enter the personal profile information, but in pages (millions of pages of poeple), including media, artists and brands, events and groups are now available to Google. That is, information that is generally considered public but was not accessible due to the sturcture of Facebook site.
Providing access to Google is particularly useful for events that become increasingly important, and since you can add in your database concerts, rallies or competitions will take place in a particular place and time. Again, the user has the choice to make the page public or private, Google will not have access to private pages. 
Facebook knows that to remain relevant, it must be careful with the profiles. Much of its value lies in the news feed, which was shared in the past. It is no coincidence that every day offers a selection of key moments on the same date in previous years, or in the upper right side would include a timeline to move more easily into the newsfeed wall itself or contacts. A great source of entertainment and gossip.  People may not contribute but most read what comes on their newsfeed from their contacts.
Google kept working on Facebook to provide access to content behind the network and finally Facebook has openned up.   Facebook is the most used application on mobile and owns Instagram, which it purchased for 1 Billion and their biggest purcashe ever Whatsapp, which Facebook purchased for 19 Billion Dollars.
Facebook has changed the structure of your page. Now they allow what is called "deeplinks" deep links
When someone seeks public content on Facebook via an Android phone, you can click and go straight to the result through new application.

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