What will Blade runner 2 with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling be about

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What will Blade runner 2 with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling be about.  Several decades have passed. "Wyoming. Plain, without hills, you can see it all 20 miles away. No fences, just plowed and dry land.
The camera spins and you see a huge, dead tree, still standing by wire "describes Ridley Scott. "Next to the tree is a traditional white cottage in the style of The Grapes of Wrath, with a porch. And beyond, a distance of two miles, in the evening, is a huge combine fertilizing the soil. " Yes, this is the beginning of Blade Runner 2, as has told the director of the first part this week in Los Angeles at the AFI.
"Klieg has 16 lighthouses, and is four times larger than the cabin. Then a spinner [a flying car] comes up for air and dust. While a dog barks, of course, a guy leaves the vehicle: there is Rick Deckard. Who Enters the cabin, opens the door, sits down, smells the stew and waits for an uncle. The guy has seen him arrive, so combine parks (which takes out three stories to the house) and down a staircase. He is a big guy.  Enters through the window and sits next to Harrison. The house creaks: this guy must weigh at least 158 ​​kilos. And I will not say anything more. " So this is how Blade Runner starts, there are even some sketches drawn from that sequence. It was discarded, and Scott, which now only produces the sequel because he is more involved in developing the Alien world, has finally found the time to start the second half, with Deckard.
It is no secret, Blade Runner has been an obsession of the British director, who has worked in all aspects, traced-adding pictures, filming new, incorporating a sequence of Legend (another of his films) or removing the voiceover on several occasions after 1982 premiere.
Blade Runner 2 will begin shooting in the summer of next year. The screenplay is by Hampton Fancher, who also wrote the first, based on the novel by Philip K. DickDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
It was the script that convinced Harrison Ford to join the project. On Monday Ryan Gosling said that he will co-star. He also praised the script and Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins as cinematographer. "There is a chip inside me and if I say anything more it will explode," said the actor, apologizing for not delving into the project.
Fancher itself was there along with Michael Green and Scott. But they are all keeping hush hush, no mention of the plot, nor its title, but Warner Bros. has registered several domain names with the names like Androids Dream (The androids dream).

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