What Charlie Sheen did this Christmas

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What Charlie Sheen did this Christmas

The actor on Twitter insults his ex-wives for not letting him see his children at this time of the year.

Neither Christmas are sacred to Charlie Sheen. Conversely, the holidays have been the cause of the actor's latest verbal outburst on Twitter where the star of the television series called Anger Management insults his ex-wives for not letting him see his children. Next to a photograph of your dresser filled with photos of their children, the interpreter insulted his ex Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, in addition to the Department of Social Affairs in charge of regulating child welfare custody issues, ensuring that the picture was " closest " to be their children these days. A comment in which between abbreviations of the aforementioned no shortage of expletives and insults as well as a detail in the bottom of the image where you can read it in " sleep with dogs." The one who is saved from this fray is Paula Profit, the mother of Sheen's eldest daughter, Cassandra Jade Estevez, who not only excluded from his insults but points out that she is " an angel."

Sheen is accustomed to anger and insults, whether in the personal or professional, as the public feud he had with the creator of Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre, which led to his dismissal from the series he had become the highest paid actor on television. This time the anger shell 48 is more like a tantrum divorced father had made a wrong idea of how he intended to spend Christmas.

"This is the closest I'll be to my children at Christmas," Charlie Sheen has tweeted along with this photo frames picture of their children.

According to, the singer had never reached any agreement with Scott Mueller, his brother and legal guardian of the children of Brooke, custody these days of young Bob and Max, the twins four years. And in the case of Denise, the actress had made known to the actor, also via Twitter, I was invited to spend Christmas with their daughters Sam, nine, and Lola, eight. But Sheen 's response was as virulent as public, both mothers wishing to enjoy their hatred.

The actor took his anger further reminding everyone in a second message the scene in which his father, actor Martin Sheen, kills Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando ) in the classic film Apocalypse now! To rub more salt in the wound, the same sources on the Internet claim that " Charlie was telling friends she was going to spend Christmas with their kids " to leave no so bad it was going to take his girlfriend, p**n actress Brett Rossi, on a trip to Europe. From this same public forum that Twitter has become when airing personal fights celebrities, Richards asked his ex " a little class " noting that their children deserve more privacy in their lives that these family discussions that others simply kept by phone around the table for Christmas.

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