Would Digione change the cell phone distribution market

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Would the latest Chinese phenomenon Digione change the cell phone distribution market

They say, if you can disturb the existing process of doing business, it’s an uphill battle but it could become a rags to riches , if it clicks the right way. That is what Digione is doing to the cell phone market in China.

Its president Xu Guoxiang , which sells smartphones for 49 euros, predicts that people will spend less on phones and services.

When you grow this fast, you are sure to knock on some wrong doors. Xiaomi has created many enemies in China. They are now our friends. " Xu Guoxiang can not speak more clearly. The family 100 mobile phone company that presides Digione is the common front that made telephone operators, Internet companies and outlets to stop the meteoric rise of the great technological revelation of the year in China.

The success of Xiaomi , the closed nature of its business model , which rarely works with others, is a threat to many Chinese companies , whose survival is at risk. We are quite the opposite . " Both companies star in the war for economic segment more lucrative market in the world , where 400 million smartphones are sold each year.

And certainly Digione is well equipped to battle. The search giant in China, Baidu, has just invested $ 300 million ( 230 million euros) in the company of Xu, who is armed with three devices that cost less than 100 euros and use the Baidu’s own operating system.

The cheapest model is the 100A, with a processor running at 1 GHz. and features a 4.5-inch screen ( 960x540 ). It’s price of 399 yuan ( 49 euros ) is unbeatable . 200 yuan ( 24 euros ) plus the costs 100AS , including brain faster (1.2 Ghz Qualcomm. ), 4 GB ROM and HD camera.

In terms of technology I think you're up to Samsung, and even Chinese companies like Huawei have better software, but Apple continues to set trends and will remain so in the coming years.

But the star of Digione , Xu has no objection referred to as the first ' Baidu Phone market is the 100 + . It is a dual SIM handset with a HD IPS screen five inches, and a Qualcomm quad-core processor at 1.2 Ghz. The rear 8MP camera is equipped with a very bright lens ( f 2.2 ) and the front has 2 MPX . All for just 798 yuan ( 99 euros ) , one yuan (12 cents) less than its direct competition.

Would Digione threaten the phone market in the west, only time will tell. From what you can see in China, it won’t be long before they eye the world.

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