How Mark Zuckerberg made 2300 million dollars recently

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How Mark Zuckerberg made 2300 million dollars recently

Zuckerberg sell Facebook shares to 1,600 million euros
Still owns 56% of the voting rights of the company

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, sold 41.4 million shares of the company which will raise $ 2,300 million (1,600 million) will be sold.

Zuckerberg will take advantage of the rise in value of the stock, which has doubled in a year. With the sale, its voting power in the Board of Directors is reduced from 58.8% to 56.1%.

In an official statement, Facebook announced that its founder will use the money to pay the taxes associated with the exercise of an option to purchase 60 million shares of class B are entitled to 10 votes and is convertible at any time into one share class a (which has Zuckerberg, who only give one vote).

Board member Marc Andreessen also sold 1.65 million shares of Class A.

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