What's the meaninig of "public water source" & "tab water" ?

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aquafina water company taking thier water from public water source. this source like what?

so, should i pay for drink it?




  1. Public water source such as river, lake, dam and well, the aquafina water company take the water from those sources and treated the water, purify it, to make it safe for drinking so you should pay for the water that you drink, Good luck

  2. A public water source, is a municipal water source, i.e. tap water.  It is the same water that comes out of a tap.  

    It's your decision if you want to pay for it.  Some water tastes better than others, so it's all a personal opinion.

  3. If you prefer to get your water from a "non-public water source", you will need to buy land with mountains and lakes, and filter it yourself!

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