Does the chocolate cream chip frappucino have caffine or however u spell it in it?

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i was just wondering...




  1. If you mean the one from Starbucks? Nope! It's a "cream" frap--which means that essentially its base is a blended cream rather than coffee. so feel free to have it late in the day!

  2. yesss!

  3. yes , some of them have , not all kinds .. i had ones with caffine. :)

  4. It has a small amount of caffine, but nothing to worry about

  5. The Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino has NO caffeine whatsoever.

    It's a Creme-based frappuccino so it has no coffee in it.

    Double Chocolate Chip = Mocha Chips, Mocha Sauce, Ice, and our special Cream mix blended in a pitcher.

    No coffee in there whatsoever.

    We can even make our Coffee Based Fraps DECAF!

    The Double Chocolate Chip's coffee equivalent is the Java Chip which is made the same exact way except with the Coffee Based Frappuccino mix.

    Hope this clears everything up.

  6. It has only the flavor of cappuccino? doesn't have caffeine.

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