Your thoughts on blasphemy -- i mean, monster energy drink?

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i have no idea why everyone likes it. i love energy drinks, like full throttle (especially blue demon) and amp. but i think monster tastes like... baby tylenol or something. i just think its disgusting. the smell actually makes me gag haha




  1. it keeps me awake but i agree it tastes bad

  2. I like them there my third favorite energy drink you like some you don't like some like i don't like amp.

  3. i love monster i can drink about 4 a day if i have the money in my pocket. i guess its just the taste, i think it better than any other  energy drink but ive been known to drink a rockstar punched every once in a while too. i've heard other rumors about it too (nicotine, bull sperm, my fav is it leads to unprotected s*x lol). but i just cant get enough of it.

  4. i like them, i actually do like the taste of them and yes they are very addicting...they won't tell you what exactly they put in them, but it can't be good. If you look on the label it just says "energy blend" or something along those lines. I have heard they put everything from bull sperm to nicotine, i really don't know...all i know is i think they taste good, esp. the new monster java's...i guess it's all just your opinion

  5. well i like them... baby tylenol??? lol, people like them so much because you can acually get addicted to them. they put nicotine in them

  6. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i think full throttle and amp are nasty, and do nothing for me when it comes to energy

    monster on the other hand, slaps you in the face when you take that first sip. awesome

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