How is it possible that coffee has no calories or carbs??

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It's beans isn't it? How is it possible that black coffee has no nutritional facts?




  1. it's diluted.

  2. its bean flavor, the grounds still get chucked

  3. You have been misled (or perhaps have misled yourself): a cup of black coffee indeed contains no carbohydrates, but it still contains roughly 5 calories, 10mg sodium, 330mg caffeine, a gram or so of protein, and a cupful of water, along with various other things depending on the coffee....

  4. Black coffee is basically flavored water.All the calories and carbs come from all the sugar and milk you add to it.

  5. Coffee is not a bean. It's just the way they called it.. It is actually a fruit of a coffee tree where they remove the seed; dried it up then grinned it..

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