How to increase your phone battery life by using this simple trick

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How to increase your battery life by using this simple trick.  If you ever took an airline, you know at the time of taking off or landing, you are told to switch off your phone or put it in 'airplane mode'.  
If you want a longer lasting battery life, you can use the same airplane mode and that should do the trick.  How it does this is, when you cut mobile data connection, it helps loads faster  and you can play your games without annoying advertising, for example
There are other uses of airplane mode" some of, which are listed below:
    Battery saving
When we speak of those tricks that extend mobile battery, airplane mode does the trick, espcially when you are in an area where there is little coverage, data is not working properly anyways, might as well save your battery life. Why? Because if the phone detects that the signal received is weak, it will initiate scans in order to improve it and all these attempts in vain consume energy of your device.
    Faster uploads
This advantage is related to the previous point. If your phone has a low battery and have little time to connect it to the network, you can activate the "Airplane mode" for recharging in record time. The reason is that by turning that option ON disconnects other functions, which are also consuming battery even at rest, even when you are not using it.
    Games without advertising
If you've downloaded a free game and do not want to pay for your Premium version, which generally is where advertising does not interrupt you, sometimes you can skip those commercials with the "airplane mode". Disconnect from the Internet, you will prevent advertising to reach your phone while you play.
    Internet calls
There are times when you do not want to receive calls but have an Internet connection to browse or communicate through WhatsApp. To do this, you should only activate the "Airplane mode" and then the wireless connection. If someone calls you, your phone will not be available, but you can perform many other functions and still get your whatsapp and viber calls.
    Retrieves coverage
If the exit of some subway stations without coverage or any other place you check connection problems that still do not have signal after a while, you can always turn off and on the phone to retrieve it. However, if you activate the "Airplane mode", you wait a few seconds and do it again to disable the phone much faster. Instead of turning it off, this way, everything takes few seconds.

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