Steve Davis comments on Ronnie O’Sullivan’s behaviour - Snooker News

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Steve Davis comments on Ronnie O’Sullivan’s behaviour - Snooker News

Six-time world champion, Steve Davis, has given Ronnie O’Sullivan a message that he can walk away from the game. The Ginger Magician, Davis, also told the media that Ronnie is not the
only player who is suffering from snooker burnout.
The Rocket, Ronnie O’Sullivan, last week told World Snooker that he is thinking of a withdrawal from the upcoming 2011 World Snooker Championship. However, later on he reversed
his decision when World Snooker gave him a week’s time to re-think his decision.
Three-time world champion, O’Sullivan, is considered as one of the most naturally-gifted players who has ever picked up the cue but now the troubled star is facing problems and frustration.
O’Sullivan has been dealt first round defeats in the last four tournaments and his no-shows have caused him to slip down to the tenth place in the world rankings. Finally, the thirty-five-year-old has set up a meeting with one of the leading sports psychiatrists,
Dr. Steve Peter in this regard.
Davis said many players have been exposed to burnout problems at times but it all depends on how you cope with it. Davis also told the media that he has spoken to seven-time world champion,
Stephen Hendry, in the same regard. He said Hendry told him that it has become very difficult for him to practice but he somehow manages.
The King of Crucible, Hendry, also told Steve that Ronnie is playing since he was seven. He said though he is still young enough to play, but he has been playing for so many years and
is getting bored.
He said everyday you cannot get up desperate to play snooker but perhaps you have to cut your clothes accordingly.
Davis however said that he knows Ronnie has loved the game to the fullest for so many years and now it’s very hard to believe that he has lost his interest in it.
The King of the 1980’s, Steve Davis, who has turned 54 now, said he still loves the game. He also confirmed that he will be playing the next season just to enjoy the tournament.



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