WPBSA suspends Joe Jogia from participating in World Snooker Tour – Snooker News

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WPBSA suspends Joe Jogia from participating in World Snooker Tour – Snooker News
Snooker governing body around the globe, World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) has made an announcement that the body is suspending English potter Joe Jogia due to suspicious betting patterns in his match in the 2012 Snooker Shootout
against compatriot Matthew Selt. The Englishman will not be able to play any tournament or the qualifying session of the 2012-13 World Snooker Tour.
On the other hand, the WPBSA inquiry committee has launched the investigation of the matter as they believe that there are some suspicious betting patterns involved. Before the 2012 Snooker Shootout started, the bookmakers informed that a large number of
small amounts have been bet on Matthew Selt’s victory.
Right before the event started, the English potter pulled out of the 2012 Snooker Shootout and Selt claimed the victory. Jogia informed the World Snooker that he has a leg injury and will not be able to play. The WPBSA has now launched the investigation
and the first hearing of this case will be conducted on July 25, 2012.
The WPBSA said in their official statement, “As a result of the reported unusual betting patterns on the match between Matthew Selt and Joe Jogia that was due to take place at the Sky Snooker Shootout at Blackpool on Saturday 28th January 2012, Nigel Mawer,
the chairman of the WPBSA disciplinary committee launched an investigation.”
The statement further said, “The available evidence has been considered and in accordance with the disciplinary rules, he has decided that there is a case for Joe Jogia to answer in relation to a breach of the WPBSA members rules, betting rules. The case
will be heard at a formal hearing of the WPBSA disciplinary committee in Bristol on 25th July 2012.”
Meanwhile, Jogia denied any involvement in the suspicious betting patterns and insisted that his suspension must be negated. He quoted examples of Stephen Maguire, Jamie Burnett and Stephen Lee reminding that during their trial of suspicious betting, they
were not suspended from the World Snooker Tour.
He believes that the decision of WPBSA to suspend him is solely based on racism because he is of Indian origin.



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