Carmelo Anthony confident about U.S.A chances in London Olympics 2012 despite injuries – Olympics Update

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Carmelo Anthony confident about U.S.A chances in London Olympics 2012 despite injuries – Olympics Update
New York Knicks super star Carmelo Anthony knows the U.S.A Men’s National Basketball Team has been dealt a tough hand by injuries and will not be at full strength for the London Olympics 2012. The forward though was still confident that his team could get
the job done given the resources they possess.
"Injuries, man. Injuries is doing it all," Anthony said Monday, ruing the fact that some of the best players in Team U.S.A have been ruled out already.
The two top names that will be missing from the U.S.A squad are Chicago Bulls livewire point guard Derrick Rose and Orlando Magic super star Dwight Howard. Rose tore through the NBA last season and was awarded the league’s Most Valuable Player award for
his troubles. Howard meanwhile is easily the best centre on the planet.
Apart from these two, there have been other players ruled out with injuries, such as Portland Trail Blazers All Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge. Anthony though is still reassured because including himself; many of the super stars from the 2008 Olympic
team are still on course for London 2012.
These include LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, while younger guys are also stepping up.
"Right now we still have most of the core guys that was on that (Olympic) team," Anthony said. "Of course we will miss Dwight, Derrick Rose. We don't know about Chris Bosh at this point in time right now, but we've got a lot of young talent that can come
along and that I think can fit in with us."
For his part, the New York Knicks small forward is happy to have the opportunity to play in the Olympics again. Carmelo has had an up and down season, where he struggled for large parts with injuries and forms and the Knicks ultimately crashed out of the
first round in the playoffs.
So he would welcome a chance to represent his country and have a go at Olympic gold.
"For me, I'm just happy that I can be a part of it again," the New York Knicks forward said. "The guys that I've talked to that will participate are definitely excited about this opportunity, another opportunity to go over there and get a gold medal."



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