Tiger Woods wins his 73rd PGA Tour title, he is back and he is dangerous!

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Tiger Woods wins his 73rd PGA Tour title, he is back and he is dangerous!
Finally, the day that was awaited the most in the history of golf. Tiger Woods is back in business and he is back with a bang.
Woods has been in poor form since 2004 and has failed to perform in a way that got him the title of being the best in the world. Missing cuts, marriage issues, bad swings and bad interviews, this man has been ruthless with his stature.
This is the time his fans all over the world have been waiting for, his comeback.
Woods has won his 73rd PGA Tour title at the Memorial tournament on Sunday and has embarked his comeback in the game he has ruled for a very long time.
His win at the Memorial included a chip-in birdie which was a sight. This shot got the crowd on their feet including the legendary Jack Nicklaus.
Woods had all the right factors in his game. Precision, technique, charisma and confidence, he looked invincible on the field and that is the very aspect that was not visible for so many years.
Woods, now 36-years-old, has been in many controversies and has gone through plenty of criticism. Most of the time, he could not reply to it in the right manner. Although, this time, he was intelligent enough to answer back in the form of his exceptional
game play.
After a very long time, we saw a smiling Tiger Woods which was indeed pleasing for his fans. He took it easy, yet, played responsibly.
His brilliant birdie is unforgettable. The shot was impossible and the manner in which Woods put it to rest was indeed a miracle. This is what Tiger Woods is all about.
Nicklaus concluded Woods win in golden words. His praise for the level of play the former World number one gave was warm and encouraging. Giving an interview on a local channel Nicklaus mentioned Woods birdie as ‘gutsy’ and ‘unbelievable’.
“That was the most unbelievable, gutsy shot I have ever seen” said Nicklaus praising Woods.
“Look at the position he was in. If he's short, the tournament is over. If he's long, the tournament is over. He puts it in the hole” said a surprised Nicklaus.
Woods concluded his brilliant shot by accepting that it was indeed a very difficult shot to pull off. He also said that it was easily the most difficult shot of his entire career.
“It was one of the hardest ones I’ve pulled off” said Woods.
Woods came into the game wearing his signature red shirt which added to his winning smile. He has finally found his missing trait and looks very promising for the future.
Nicklaus presence had a strong effect on Woods performance as he remains his idol and numerous golfers all over the world.
Woods seems happy and satisfied with his comeback win at the Memorial. He has gotten the right amount of boost that he required to hit back and achieve his signature style of play that was visible in his entire game.
The fans all over the world are excited and rejuvenated with the win and hope that Woods remains consistent with his current form and continues giving magical performances.
His form is back and he looks more dangerous than he has ever looked. His karma is on its peak and his body language is pouring confidence and command over his game. All he requires now is to remain consistent and become the best in the world again. Congratulations
Tiger Woods!



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