Ps3 60gb question. why is not more in stores?

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why ps3 60 gb is not more in stores?




  1. Because it's an old 1st gen model that was expensive to manufacture compared to the newer models. It's now discontinued, and has been for a while now.

    The only PS3 units manufactured and sold anywhere in the world now are the 40GB model, and the 80GB model. These have lower manufacturing costs than the old 60GB model, due to updated and redesigned internals, hence they sell at a lower price.

  2. they discontinued it, however i just yesterday bought one from gamestop that was used so i could have a ps3 with backwards compatability.  its a good buy so if your looking for one i suggest gamestop

  3. they stoped selling it

  4. Because it had a PS2 chip Emotion Engine (PS2's CPU) installed. It costed Sony 27 dollars to install it. European 60GB was without that chip already (so as current 80GB). Cost reduction plan. I can understand Sony, but still, it's IMHO, not fair.  

  5. coz it was limited edition  

  6. thats a discontinued unit. right now theyre only selling the 40gb and 80gb mgs edition. next month, theyll be selling the 80gb regular($400) and 80gb mgs edition(500).

  7. it got discontinued cuz of a certain chip. i think its called an emotion engine and plus they said it wuz to high in price.there r gonna make a new 80gb ps3 system that isnt a bundle but a lot lower in price.

    40gb system=$399.99

    old 80gb system=$499.99

    new 80gb system=$399.99

    i heard that since the new 80gb is gonna be the same price as the 40gb that they were gonna replace it with the new 80gb.but the 80gb will have 2 USB ports instead of 4 and it wont have the flap that has the memory card slots.

    hope this helps

  8. where have you been? you been living under a rock or something , dude, that stuff been discontinued long time ago i don't believe you

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