Madden 09 came out for original xbox and if people still buy new ones might come out!?

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If people buy madden 09 for the xbox original they might make new ones to




  1. yepp its true! thts the only website i've found tht has shown madden 09 available for the original xbox. and i've also read tht this will be the last original xbox game made and widely released. i've played it on the 360 tho d**n its incredible

  2. Where is Madden 09 available for the original Xbox?  I searched Google and and found nothing suggesting that this is true.

    Also, Microsoft announced long ago that there would no longer be any games made for the original Xbox--it's an obsolete piece of technology and Microsoft has more important things to worry about (namely the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live).


  3. dude ea is a profit cheep monkey they want max profit for every dang thing there greedy so maddan games will always comes out on old systems because there greedy monkeys

    DONT SUPPORT EA IN ANY MEANS DONT BUY THERE GAMES  why would u want anycompany keep making games   for systm then port it to old systems? thos egames must suck because in order to this they will have to stay in lines of the old systems

    to be4real i think they made the game on xbox or ps2 then ported to 360 ps3 because games are easy to program on older systems an even cheaper  because its a fact      some thing took 2 dAYS ON AN XBOX TO PROGRAM TAKES 3  TIMES MORE TIME ON NEW SYSTEMS  

  4. I would assume so. I thought the XBOX was dead since 2005. Now its almost 2009, and its made games after 05! Pretty crazy! Also, I'm guessing if at least a few thousand buy, they will make more. :D

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