Will call of duty world at war for the wii use wii speak?

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will it?




  1. I hope! that would be awesome!

  2. Well they havent said no or yes yet but i all i do know is that the Conduit and animal crossing: city folk will use wii speak.

  3. No it isnt going to use Wii speak, they announced at E3 that The Conduit is going to be the first 3rd Party game to use that peripheral, and Animal Crossing: City Folk is going to be the First Party game to use it.

  4. Though the game will have online, it will not use wiispeak. The main reason could be that the release date of call of duty and wiispeak are so close that wiispeak wouldn't have enough time to grow a large enough install base. But at least the conduit will have it.

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