China, Korea and India move ahead in Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship 2010

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China, Korea and India move ahead in Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship 2010
The TanBinh Gymnasium in Vietnam is totally sold out these days as the 15th Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship 2010 is currently being played there. The audience turn-out has been great and fans have had lots of fun watching the incredible
volleyball action.
The championship started on Sunday and will continue till 20th September 2010. During the pool-play matches, China, Korea and India picked up victories.
China dismisses Australia
In a Pool D match, China took on Australia and launched their power from land-down-under. The Aussies had a hard time dealing with the pumped-up Chinese rockets. Resultantly, China swept their feet with a straight three-set victory as the Chinese girls barred
the Australian hitters from producing good shots.
The first set saw China in a commanding position. They picked up an early lead and maintained a fair difference of points throughout the run. The game moved on with great speed and China managed to achieve the set point. The first set ended in China’s favor
at 25-12.
The situation got worse for Australian team in the second set as Chinese aces cruised past them and widened the points’ gap. Australia could only score seven points and finally lost the second set also. They entered the third set with a ray of hope but Chinese
rule sustained. Aussies fought well but couldn’t shed-off Chinese power. Ultimately, China pulled off victory by achieving success in the third set also.
Korea 3-1 vs. Iran
In the day’s second match, Korea challenged Iran. Both teams seemed to have done their home-work and displayed an amazing game. But victory graced Korea while Iran was also credited for its techniques and tactics.
First set was a tiring battle and the spectators witnessed a wonderful game. Korea were quick to steal points so they attained a better status but Iranians also came up with the right combinations and hit the ball with full power. In the end, first set declared
Korea to be successful but they still had to grab more successes.
Korean players played the second set with better energy and followed the same strategy. Success landed to their feet again as Team Iran was pushed behind but they weren’t ready to accept defeat. So, they struggled to improve their position in the third set.
With less ball-handling errors, they were able to win the third set by posting 25-23.
With this, the fourth set happened to be the final one as Korean girls ousted their competitors with 25-20 on the points’ counter. Korea claimed match-victory by 3-1.
India beat Fiji in straight sets
The two teams from Pool C, India and Fiji also clashed on the championship’s second day. But it proved to be a lucky day for India as they crushed Fiji in straight sets. India were all over the scene in the first set and they posted 25-8. Fiji’s young team
tried to hit-back in the second set but they lacked the quality in their shots.
Thus, India remained in the leading role and took away the second set also by polling 25-12. The third set was a close fight with Fiji putting up a great fight. Nonetheless, India won the third set also and joined the winners of the second day.



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