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If my MOS in the marine corps is 0311 infantry, and I have spent two years with my unit can I change my MOS? I know that you can change after two deployments, but is it possible to change after two years with the unit??

Please help me as much as possible.




  1. i think the marines are crazy... to hold a recruit to the mos they choose before they joined is stupid they have no idea what b.s. there getting in to... until its too late... and because of this marine men cut there wrist, try to kill them self and go awol and depressed-- and ya u might say there unfit to be a marine... my point exactly.....  some men are not meant for the marines and instead of making them become psychotic  like really--- then they should let them changed their job----  or let them leave---  the marines are the most pig head branch… arrogant…  proud  and make up there own rules and never follow the rules… man it pisses me off soo much…..

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